DayuseInsight #7 – Our Talents

DayuseInsight #7 – Our Talents’s talents

Let’s leverage our amazing profiles across our different offices. This week, we’d like to take you to our HQ to learn more about your co-workers!




My mission: 

As a worldwide pure player, our booking platform and website must to be available 24/7. This gives a major role in the company’s performance to the tech department. My job at Dayuse has two main missions: to keep the site operational 24/7, and to lead the tech team according to the strategic and operational developments of the company. Our main goal is to provide solutions in a timely and effective manner. 

Most of the time, tech people are seen as geeks, living in caves, playing video games all day long. I couldn’t be further from this stereotype, and I am willing to maintain the open communication between the tech team and the other departments. We all have a role to play to make Dayuse even better every day.

Fun Fact: 

I live far outside the city, in the Chantilly Forest. I like to spend my free time on all kinds of manual activities, but my favorite is to do mechanical work. For my 30th birthday, my wife and my friends got me an old “Super 5”, which is almost the same as my very first car. Since then I like spending time on it, making some mechanical adjustments. I even named this car after a very famous cartoon of my childhood, “Bumbo the little automobile”. On weekends, Bumbo and I love driving around, and it’s always fun to see the butcher or the baker to recognize me by my car!

Favorite hotels: 

My favorite hotels are linked to fond memories. In 2009, I spent my honeymoon at The Prince Maurice in Mauritius. When you enter the outdoor lobby, the water of the fountain, the pool and the beach blend in the same horizon, it’s absolutely breathtaking. My second favorite hotel is the Sofitel in Porticcio, south Corsica. Porticcio is the place I spend most of my summer as a kid, with my family, and it was my father’s favorite place. When he wanted to make us a special surprise, we went to the Sofitel for a couple of days. I remember the pool, the SPA, the private beach, and over everything: the view on the Ajaccio’s gulf!


Sales & Operation Project Manager


My mission: 

During my time at Dayuse, I’ve undertaken multiple roles such as Sales, Account Manager, Customer Agent and Inside Sales Coordinator in the NYC. All of this diverse experience acquired gave me the chance to join the project management team in March 2019.

In this new role, I am learning and discovering a whole new environment along with a new set of challenges. Armed with the various knowledge acquired at Dayuse, I come as a backup/support to the Sales (tailoring our CRM to answer to the team’s needs), Account Management (growing our tool to maximize the team’s efficiency) and Customer Success teams (improving the process and optimizing time spent).

Fun Fact: 

Check out this photo (top right, black and white)! It was taken in 1863 by my great great great grandfather. In this photo, in the center, stands Alice Liddell, better known under the name of Alice in Wonderland. It is also said that to the right of both girls, you have Lewis Carroll that wrote the famous book and had Alice as his muse. The house in the background and the surroundings where also of strong inspiration for this book. Part of the house was still up when I was younger, from the zig-zag path behind the property you could spot the hole where Alice jumps in and where all her stories started. 

Favorite hotels: 

It’s actually more of a dream hotel, as a child I would often travel to Africa and I since then have a very strong bond to the continent. It has been ages since I have been there and I wish to go back to Kenya in the Angama Mara. Never stayed in it but would love to one day, fingers crossed!

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